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Why Us

International TEFL Training Institute’s Accreditation

International TEFL Training Institute’s accreditation has been validated by the State Department of the United States and bears the official seal and the original signature of John Kerry, Secretary of State.

International TEFL Training Institute

International TEFL Training Institute is a Professional Member of the Chartered College of Teaching (formerly the College of Teachers).

Our Program Uses The Same Teacher Training Textbooks

Our program uses the same teacher training textbooks as acclaimed four-year colleges in the United States and the United Kingdom. Our course content matches their programs; this makes our TEFL/TESOL certification absolutely compatible with the college level. Here is the reason why our graduates are hired by the most prominent, quality English schools around the world.

Our Teaching Practice Is Led By Highly Qualified, Experienced TEFL Trainers

Our teaching practice is led by highly qualified, experienced TEFL trainers who have already coached hundreds of prospective teachers. Unlike organizations that send trainees to community centers and have them observed by any teacher that is willing to observe them, our trainees can be certain to receive expert guidance during teaching practice. Here is the reason why our graduates are so successful in the industry. You cannot replace the expertise of a TEFL trainer by any teacher.

We Personally Engage In Helping Our Trainees

We do not guarantee a job, but we personally engage in helping our trainees find teaching positions in the country of their choice. All of our graduates who wanted to work are in excellent teaching positions. We have graduates who worked three or four years with the same employer before they decided to change their job to get to know another country. Our TEFL trainer wrote letters to schools in Dubai when a female graduate desired to work there. She has successfully been employed in a school run by UAE citizens ever since.

Our Focus Is On Quality Because Schools Want The Best

Our focus is on quality because schools want the best of the best. We at International TEFL Training Institute understand that and deliver an excellent, demanding training experience for the serious teacher trainee. We take pride in providing schools with enthusiastic teaching professionals who demonstrate clear leadership qualities, excellence in professional knowledge and love and commitment to the teaching profession.

We Know What We Are Doing

We know what we are doing. As an organization with many training locations in the most beautiful areas of our world, we have been engaging in TEFL/TESOL training for 15 years. Our global training work has not only given our trainees unforgettable experiences in different countries, it has also helped our organization develop an unmatched expertise of the requirements of different countries. Over the years, we have successfully developed a network of contacts, schools and recruiters that are ready to serve our trainees when needed.

It Is The Result That Really Matters

It is the result that really matters. If you are after solid teaching skills and a great school waiting for you at the end of the program, you have found the right partner with us. The hiring records of our graduates prove that we are doing something very right. Employers of our graduates are the public school systems of South Korea, China, Vietnam, and Japan. Distinguished educational institutions such as Yale University and King Saud University in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) have given preference to our graduates. Quality names in the EFL teaching field are Education First, International House, and Kaplan International Colleges—all of them work with EFL/ESL teachers trained by International TEFL Training Institute. We cannot possibly name all schools because there are so many.

We Help Non-native English Speakers Bring Out Their Best

We help non-native English speakers bring out their best. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. One of our non-native English-speaking graduates works in the public school system of Stockholm, Sweden. Our graduate from Venezuela was hired by a U.S. public school to work in South Carolina. A Brazilian graduate opened her own English school in Brazil and operates it successfully.