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Developing Human Resource for the Organizational Growth

Elements Presentation

Developing Human Resources for the Organizational Growth


Strategic Human Resource Development- Theory & Practice


Organization Growth & Human Resource Development – Way Forward in the 21 st Century

  • Importance of Human Resource Development.
  • Capacity Development of the organizations (Practical implications for Senior Management.
  • Total Quality Management (for senior management).
  • Developing Your Human Resource – Training & Development (for operational & middle-level management).
  • Leadership Skills (for Middle & Senior Management).
  • Motivation & Team Building (at all levels of the organization).
  • Career Planning (for operational & Middle Management).
  • Conflict Management (at all levels of the organization).
  • Ethical Organizational Practices (at all levels of the organization).

Much has been written on human resource management & still it is the most debatable area for scholars, researchers, and practitioners. The organization’s top management has always been concerned with the management of their human resources to have maximum efficiency in their business process. The course has been designed to have a way forward for the organizations in developing their human resource at 360 O by incorporating multiple but interrelated facets of management in theory and practice.

This course is intended to help organizations in their human resource development at all levels viz. a viz. operational, middle & strategic levels. The ultimate learning outcome of the course will be to synchronize the efforts of employees at all levels to meet the organizational objectives through synergy.

8 weeks ( 6 Credit Hours per week) or 16 weeks (3 Credit Hours per week) 42- 48 Credit Hours.

Managers working for organizations at any level are encouraged to take this course. However, the individual certification will be provided for any of the contents at the relevant level of the management as desired by the client organizations or target audience, like separate certification for leadership skills, conflict management (for top- level management), Motivation & Teambuilding, Ethical Business practices (for all the tiers of the management), and so on.

Weekly Reviews, Mid Term & Final Exams, Study Project.