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Cash flow-based Appraisal Tools for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Elements Presentation
  • Introduction to SMEs & characteristics of their Projects
  • Time Value of Money & rate of return.
  • (Compounding, Discounting).
  • Appraisal Techniques: Pay Back Period, Discounted Payback Period, Net
    Present Value, Internal Rate of Return.
  • Case studies & Scenario analysis
  • Importance of assessment of Projects for SMEs and effective techniques for appraisals
  • Present Value & Future Values.
  • Exercise: Importance of risk premiums (KIBOR, Inflation, etc.) to decide the
    the interest rate for Lending/loan-based Products.
  • Analysis of short-term loans/ Products of the organization.
  • Exercises (to enhance understanding & revision).
  • Business Cash flows & Cash Based Appraisal Techniques; and their relationship to Information gathering including the 5 C’s.
  • Simple Interest & Compound Interest.
  • Cash Flow Based Appraisal Techniques.
  • Cash flow projections & Financial Ratios for SMEs.
  • Conclusion & Closing.

The course contents are planned to develop & enhance the learning of individuals working with different organizations in the capacities of loan-based products.

For those working with NGOs and other organizations and serving society through lending-based products (short term and long term). The course will help in developing the theoretical background and practical techniques & tools at an advanced level for meeting the organizational objectives.

8 weeks ( 6 Credit Hours per week) or 16 weeks (3 Credit Hours per week) 42- 48 Credit Hours.

Individuals working with organizations at mid-career or above positions have a portfolio of lending funds for operational or development needs (especially NGOs and other development sector organizations).

Weekly Reviews, Mid Term & Final Exams, Study Project.