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Finance for Health Care Organizations

Elements Presentation

Finance for Health Care Organizations (Hospitals, Medicals Labs, Pharmacies, etc.)

  • Understanding the Concept and Theory of Accounting and Financial Management.
  • Risk Management.
  • Long-term Cash flows, investment basics, and techniques for evaluating returns on the projects and strategic investments.
  • Financial Statements and Analysis of Financial Statements.
  • Working Capital Management: Inventory Management, Receivable Management, Cash Management.
  • Budgets, Financial Planning & Forecasting.
  • Long-term investment decisions.

Financial Management has emerged as one of the leading areas to learn for the professionals of any sector, especially when someone is working in any of the managerial positions. Over a period of time, in any discipline, the students are taught about the basics of management, leadership & economics, etc. Still, unfortunately, Financial Management is not part of the course curriculum, especially for health care professionals. Therefore, this course will help individuals at all levels of healthcare organizations to learn the basics of financial management.

Students will be able to demonstrate practical learning skills towards the flow of funds in the organizations, and health professionals can confidently take part in management & board meetings to give valuable input for organizational growth based on their financial understanding of concepts.

8 weeks ( 6 Credit Hours per week) or 16 weeks (3 Credit Hours per week) 42- 48 Credit Hours.

Health professionals working with non-financial backgrounds are encouraged to take this course which may include doctors (working or running their own hospitals, clinics, nurses, pharmacist, lab managers, and other health care sector professionals).

Weekly Reviews, Mid Term & Final Exams, Study Project.