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Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Elements Presentation

Finance for Non-Financial Managers.

  • Understanding the Concept and Theory of Accounting and Financial Management.
  • Comparison of Financial data and information of Profit Oriented (corporate sector) & Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs, welfare & Charitable organizations).
  • Risk Management.
  • Working Capital Management.
  • Difference between Business Accounting, Financial Management, and Non-Profit Accounting Practices.
  • Financial Statements and Analysis of Financial Statements.
  • Internal Controls.
  • Long-term investment decisions.
  • Profit Maximization and Break Even Analysis.
  • Budget Designing, Financial Planning & Forecasting.
  • Regulatory Reporting.

Accounting and Financial Management is emerging as the most significant study area for managers of all sized organizations. In developing countries like Pakistan, the importance of accounting and finance emerged today more than ever it was to enhance the concepts of financial practices, budgeting, risk management, and Internal controls.

This course is intended to build on the knowledge of accounting, financial management, and related concepts to help the students acquire an insight into the requirements of present-day financial.

8 weeks ( 6 Credit Hours per week) or 16 weeks (3 Credit Hours per week) 42- 48 Credit Hours.

Managers working with any of the organizations with a non-financial background are encouraged to take this course. Even this course is helpful for a household person & housewives to learn the basics for managing their day to day funds management.

Weekly Reviews, Mid Term & Final Exams, Study Project.